1. (573):

    So the bartender from Applebees totally looks like he would take his clothes off for $40

    I like how you possess the gift that turns normal guys into strippers

    suggested by becca-blue-designs

  2. Anonymous said: you're back????!!!!>?!

    I’m back! Again!


    I was in the middle of the big move out of my parents house, so I was being a tad lazy

  3. (904): Apparently I taped knives to my hands and made everyone call me wolverine

    (904): Apparently I taped knives to my hands and made everyone call me wolverine

  4. jackandtooth said:frostbite and rainbow snowcone are both different ship names for jack and tooth

    they can’t have all the cute ship names

    i hereby commender the ship name Frostbite to replace that god awful ship name Jelsa

  5. theneverlandbear said:I thought Frostbite was Jack and Toothiana’s ship name?


    If thats the case

    What the fuck is Rainbow Snowcone????

    I always assumed that was tooth/jack

  6. imaginationindreamssaid:Apparently, some people have started calling this ship “Jelsa”, like Jarida, Hijack, etc…


    it’s Frostbite now

    Frostbite sounds better

    I will also tag it Jelsa tho for those who have not gotten the memo that I am changing this ship name

  7. (303): Say it nicely.

    (1-303): Fine. I want to lovingly bend you over and lovingly fuck the shit out of you. Happy?


    It may take a little while to really include the sisters, because HD Screencaps are so few and far between right now for Frozen, but you will see more of them.

  8. thebigfourgal15 said: Are you a girl or a boy ? 😱


  9. I am so sorry I vanished like that

    About the time I just disappeared from the face of this blog I had an accident. I fell off of the dock while fishing and hit my head on the boat pretty hard, and scraped up my arm on one of the supports keeping it suspended. Luckily I regained consciousness when I hit the water and was able to swim to the ladder. I have made a “full recovery” in that my arm has healed without scars and I no longer have a concussion, but I’m still remembering things I forgot about during that time.

    Like, for instance, that I run a Texts From blog. Alone. With no one too remind me that I run said blog.

    I’m going to try to make this up to you guys so be prepared.

  10. sunjolras:

    so like

    if you ever want to unfollow me

    for literally any reason

    you can do that

    i want you to have a nice dash

    i want you to have the freedom to create the space here that you want to have

    if you don’t want to unfollow, but want something tagged, just send an ask

    i have anon on for a reason 

    that’s all sweet honeychildren

    I don’t normally reblog anything, but this is something I want to make sure you guys know.

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  11. apocalypse-prince said: I'm so fucking done! I can't breathe from how hard I'm laughing! This blog is the best!


    Hahaha, thanks!

  12. freakishly-funny-for-never said: This blog is just too perfect! I didn't know exactly how much I needed this until now! Holy shit!


  13. g0-oasis said: Your posts are amazing! you deserve like a zillion followers if you don't have that many already! :D


    Oh, I wish!

    I’m nearing 7 hundred now, but hey thats double what my personal has!

  14. (217):

    Is it related to planting your seed? Cause I don’t know if you have studied the development of a tiny human, but that is some complicated shit.


    Isn’t everything in a man’s life somehow related to him planting his seed?

  15. (509):

    My parents just told me that if I stop drinking I could do something great with my life…


    They obliviously haven’t seen you dance on top of a pool table then